Women’s Liberation…


On the weekend at Hare Krishna Valley we hosted a women’s retreat which was facilitated by our friend Gitanjali. Those who attended focused on working with their voices to clear blockages and reach their spiritual essence.


Manigriva and crew are still busy with stabilising the footings for our new cow shed, although the recent heavy rains have made the job challenging to say the least.


A home for Mother Cow…

Everyone at Hare Krishna Valley has been busy with laying the foundations for our new cow barn, which is traditionally called a “Goshalla” in India.


The concrete is being poured in the footings and the large support poles are being prepared for the front of the barn.


Cold Outside, Warm on the Inside…

On the weekend we celebrated the Festival of Colours at Hare Krishna Valley. As the weather was a little cold, only 500 guests turned up for the colourful event. The weather did not stop the participants from enjoying the day, and we are planning to hold the event in the warmer month of March next year.








Our eldest cow, Chintamani, has been feeling the cold, so Manigriva bought her a blanket to keep her warm at night.


Forward Planning…

Recently at Hare Krishna Valley we performed another one of our bi-annual wood chops to store wood around the farm for the winter period, as we try to rely upon the natural energy which is generated from wood as opposed to gas and electricity.

Wood chop

Manigriva has been gradually training our young bull, Giridhari, so that he can assist us in the future with such tasks as dragging logs out of the forest for our wood chop.


Our Wwoofers have been assisting us in digging the foundations for our new Goshala (cow shelter) which we are constructing to give shelter to our cows, particularly in the colder months.


Preparing for the colder months…

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Deans-Marsh Pioneer festival to sell our delicious vegetarian food. We also set up an information tent to promote the activities and retreats at Hare Krishna Valley.


As winter is fast approaching, we have setup a new hot house to grow vegetables during the colder weather. Already we have a number of curry leaf plants in the hot house whose leaves we will give to our Temple and restaurants in Melbourne.


We are harvesting our potatoes, which we store and use during the colder months.


Before the big rains come, we have been cleaning out the various water tanks situated around the farm.