Reaping the harvest…

This week at Hare Krishna Valley we began to harvest some of the Ayurvedic herbs we have been growing in our hot house over winter. The first herb we picked is brahmi, which is extremely nourishing for the brain.


Over the weekend we held a women’s retreat with our friend Gitanjali, who is a famous musician and singer in the new age scene in Australia. She led the women through a number of workshops aimed at opening their heart and throat cakras and developing their spirituality.



Increasing the herd…

This week we impregnated two of our cows in order to increase our herd at the rate of two members a year, which is sustainable with the current manpower we have at Hare Krishna Valley.


Manigriva was busy making fire piles and burning off in preparation for summer.

fire pile

Although it is the middle of winter, and spring is still more than a month away, some of our vines are blossoming and producing beautiful types of flowers.


My pet echidna who lives around my ashram tried to burrow and hide himself when he saw me come outside with the camera.


In the heart of Winter…

We have been sowing oats on our six acres as green manure to enrich the quality of the soil for the future expansion of our market garden.


As the weather has been wet we have been focusing on indoor jobs, such as patching up broken tiles in several of the ashrams.


Our young bull, Giridhari, has been put on a rope for the first time to train him to be led around in the hope that in the future he will be able to plough the earth.


The cows have been hiding in the barn to avoid the severe weather, and we are planning on building them a large cow shed in the next few months.


In the Depths of Winter…

The weather has been amazing this winter, and Hare Krishna Valley has been exceptionally beautiful in the mornings, as seen in this photograph.


On Saturday it was my brother’s birthday, so we went and played paint ball with our friends from the farm.

Paint Ball

The Sunday feast was well attended once again, as it is growing in popularity.


Return of some old friends…

King Parrot 1

This week at Hare Krishna Valley the King Parrots returned after a long time to feed at my back door. They are beautiful, and will eat straight out of your hand, however, they eat all of the fruits and the vegetables in the garden, making it a challenge to grow our food without netting everything.

King Parrot 2

Sadhu Sanga…

home Program

Last weekend we went to Ocean Grove to have our monthly home gathering with the members of our local congregation. It was a nice evening, with a mixture of our regulars and some new guests who came from an interfaith gathering that we attended in Geelong the week before.

A Weekend Full of Surprises…

This weekend at Hare Krishna Valley we held two retreats simultaneously. The first was a Vegetarian Cooking retreat which was conducted by Melbourne chef, Sammohini. The second was a Vedic Astrology retreat. The guests enjoyed learning their new skills and exploring the farm.

yoga retreat

On Sunday morning our pregnant cow, Lali, gave birth to a bull calf. This is exciting for the residents of Hare Krishna Valley as this is the second birth that we have received with our new herd.

New born bull calf