Return of some old friends…

King Parrot 1

This week at Hare Krishna Valley the King Parrots returned after a long time to feed at my back door. They are beautiful, and will eat straight out of your hand, however, they eat all of the fruits and the vegetables in the garden, making it a challenge to grow our food without netting everything.

King Parrot 2

Sadhu Sanga…

home Program

Last weekend we went to Ocean Grove to have our monthly home gathering with the members of our local congregation. It was a nice evening, with a mixture of our regulars and some new guests who came from an interfaith gathering that we attended in Geelong the week before.

A Weekend Full of Surprises…

This weekend at Hare Krishna Valley we held two retreats simultaneously. The first was a Vegetarian Cooking retreat which was conducted by Melbourne chef, Sammohini. The second was a Vedic Astrology retreat. The guests enjoyed learning their new skills and exploring the farm.

yoga retreat

On Sunday morning our pregnant cow, Lali, gave birth to a bull calf. This is exciting for the residents of Hare Krishna Valley as this is the second birth that we have received with our new herd.

New born bull calf

Happy Mothers Day…

Last weekend at Hare Krishna Valley we held our monthly Sunday feast which
was attended by around 50 guests. As it was Mother’s day, the discussion
focused on the seven mothers described in the Vedic texts.


After the feast our guests went and payed a visit to our cows. The cows are
extremely popular with our guests, and they love the attention they
continuously receive.





Terms of Endearment…

One of the beautiful things about living at Hare Krishna Valley is that we get to make life long friends with the Wwoofers who come to stay with us from around the world.


We spent the weekend working hard cutting around 40 tonnes of wood to keep the residents and guests at the farm warm over winter.

Wood Chop

Festival of Colours 2014…

We celebrated the Festival of Colours for the first time at Hare Krishna Valley on Sunday, and it was a grand success with 400 guests in attendance.

There was a lot of preparation involved in organizing this festival, and it forced us to do many jobs on the farm that we had been intending to do for a long time, like constructing a wall at the entrance of the property with a sign notifying guests that they have arrived at Hare Krishna Valley.

Sign Wall

Krishna’s Tour of India 2014…

Hare Krishna Valley was booked out over Easter by the Swami Narayan group, who stayed for three days. They asked me to deliver a lecture to them about the Bhagavad Gita, which they received enthusiastically.

Swami Narayan

This week I launched the tour dates for Krishna’s Tour of India 2014. A number of Krishna’s devotees have expressed interest in joining me on the tour this year.

Krishna’s Tour of India