Culinary Art…


On the weekend at Hare Krishna Valley we hosted a vegetarian cooking retreat which was attended by a number of guests who were interested in increasing their skills in the art of vegetarian cooking. Some of the guests were regulars, who have attended several of our other retreats in the past. Everyone bonded as we shared the various activities such as feeding the cows and enjoying our meals.


On Sunday there was a massive global protest in regards to climate change on the Earth. At Hare Krishna Valley I am living in an off-grid house, as an example to the rest of the world as to how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Preparing for Summer…

As we have had extra Wwoofers around at the moment, we hired some skips to collect all of the scrap metal hanging around the farm which can be used for recycling.

Scrap Metal

We also began to plant the pumpkins which will ripen over summer and be stored for use over next winter.

pumpkin patch

Our young bull, Giridhari, has been fitted with a nose ring so that we can begin to train him for future work when he gets bigger, such as ploughing.


Mingling with the Locals…


On Saturday night we hired a hall at the local surf side town of Torquay, and held a Hare Krishna festival there. Around 22 of the local people turned up to learn the art of mantra meditation, hear a spiritual discourse and enjoy a delicious feast of spiritual food offered to Lord Krishna. Many of the guests encouraged us to hold another festival soon.


Preparing for Upcoming Events…

This week at Hare Krishna Valley the boys have been busy developing a worm farm to assist in our composting, and they also built a strawberry patch using some old guttering we found around the farm.



On Saturday we met up with the Melbourne Hare Krishna devotees in Torquay to chant on the streets and promote our public event which we will be holding next weekend.



Affairs of State…

This week at Hare Krishna Valley we have had the Powercor workers at the farm trenching in electric power lines so that the over head lines on the property can be taken down. This will allow for a lesser fire risk during the summer months.


Last week we travelled to Melbourne to welcome the Victorian State Premier Denis Napthine, to the Hare Krishna Temple. He looked at our proposal for a new kitchen and generally commented that he enjoyed the ambiance of the Temple.