Terms of Endearment…

One of the beautiful things about living at Hare Krishna Valley is that we get to make life long friends with the Wwoofers who come to stay with us from around the world.


We spent the weekend working hard cutting around 40 tonnes of wood to keep the residents and guests at the farm warm over winter.

Wood Chop

Festival of Colours 2014…

We celebrated the Festival of Colours for the first time at Hare Krishna Valley on Sunday, and it was a grand success with 400 guests in attendance.

There was a lot of preparation involved in organizing this festival, and it forced us to do many jobs on the farm that we had been intending to do for a long time, like constructing a wall at the entrance of the property with a sign notifying guests that they have arrived at Hare Krishna Valley.

Sign Wall

Krishna’s Tour of India 2014…

Hare Krishna Valley was booked out over Easter by the Swami Narayan group, who stayed for three days. They asked me to deliver a lecture to them about the Bhagavad Gita, which they received enthusiastically.

Swami Narayan

This week I launched the tour dates for Krishna’s Tour of India 2014. A number of Krishna’s devotees have expressed interest in joining me on the tour this year.

Krishna’s Tour of India

A New Generation…

This week at Hare Krishna Valley, our pregnant cow, Hamsi, gave birth to her new calf, who was given the name Sita Priya.


This was an exciting development at Hare Krishna Valley, as it marks the beginning of our new herd of cows which we hope to one day milk as one of Australia’s only non-violent dairies.

Greeting the Locals…

This week at Hare Krishna Valley Manigriva continued to work on widening the entrance corner on the driveway. The council delivered truck loads of clean fill to assist us in this project.

Land Fill

On Saturday Manigriva and Tarini hosted a cooking demonstration which was co-ordinated with the local community house at Winchelsea. The participants said that they were amazed at the philosophy that we practice in regards to cooking and offering our food to Krishna.

Cooking Classes

Deep Realizations…

The weekend before last we catered for the Deans Marsh Pioneer festival. We fully sold out of everything that we cooked, as the numbers at the festival were back up again this year.


This weekend we held a Men’s Retreat with one of the Gurus from the Hare Krishna Movement, Bhurijana Prabhu. The weekend was extremely deep, in the sense that many of the participants had deep realizations about their practice of Krishna Consciousness.


The Golden Avatar…

Over the weekend we traveled to the Melbourne Hare Krishna Temple to celebrate the appearance day of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the incarnation of Krishna for the current age. The festival was ecstatic and we danced and chanted through the streets of Melbourne for 2 hours with over 100 Hare Krishna devotees.