Meditation in Torquay…




At the end of January we held the opening night of the Meditation Hut in Torquay. The event was well attended by a group of sincere seekers on the spiritual path. We meditated together, chanted the Hare Krishna mantra, discussed important meditation tips and finished with a sumptuous vegetarian/vegan feast. Our next gathering will be on February 19th, and promises to be as enlightening as the first!


Festival of the Cows…


On Sunday at Hare Krishna Valley we celebrated our annual Festival of the Cows, which was attended by around 400 guests. After offering our respects to our herd of cows, we went to the spring and took shelter under the shade of the trees. There we all enjoyed two dramas performed by some of our local actors, and a description of the glories of cow protection by our special guest, His Holiness Kadamba Kanan Swami.



A Home for the Cows…

The rammed earth wall are on the new cow shed is going up quickly due to the hard work of the devotees at Hare Krishna Valley. The weather has been ideal the last few weeks, so work is progressing smoothly.


Out in the orchard, we have been mulching the fruit trees in order to give them extra nutrition for the summer months.


The Wheels of Progress…

In the last few weeks at Hare Krishna Valley we have been preparing to construct the rammed earth walls on the new cow barn. Manigriva and his team will begin to build the walls in the next month.


Dougie has been out in the field plowing with the tractor in preparation for planting our summer crops. We are intending to increase our vegetable production this year, and thus we are preparing a larger amount of the field for cultivation.