A Solid Foundation…


The boys have been busy the last few weeks building the new shed for the cows. As you can see in the photos, the coarse of bricks has been completed, and when Manigriva gets back from his holiday, they will begin work on the rammed earth walls, which will be impressive. Things are moving a little slowly at the moment due to the excessively cold weather we are experiencing.


A New Home…


This week at Hare Krishna Valley we began the task of laying the bricks for the new goshala or cow shed. This is hard work, and in these cold winter months it is a sign of the dedication of the members of Hare Krishna Valley as to how much they will do to protect Mother Cow.

Preparing for Spring…

This week we have been setting up the hoops at the farm for the spring vegetables which we will be planting. Our plan is the net them so that the ducks will be unable to eat the seedlings.


The bricks have arrived for the cow barn that we are building, and Manigriva and his crew will start laying them in the following weeks.


Ox Power…

We held another successful vegetarian cooking retreat at Hare Krishna Valley over the weekend which was attended by a group of enthusiastic guests who absorbed themselves in learning some of our secret recipes, and enjoying the finished product.


Manigriva has been training our young bull, Giridhari, to pull the trees which we are clearing in our back paddock to make piles for future firewood harvesting. Giridhari is enjoying using his energy in a productive way, and has been very easy to work with.